Alcohol can dehydrate and sensitise your skin which is bad news
if you suffer from dry and sensitive skin.  


The European Commission's Health and Safety Committee (2012) reported the following ingredients as being among the most frequently reported and well-recognised consumer allergens:


  • Amycinnamyl alcohol

  • Anisyl alcohol

  • Benzyl alcohol

  • Cinnamyl alcohol


Cuderm® is different.


Cuderm® products have been developed to avoid commonly
recognised allergens.


In addition, Cuderm® products do not use alcohol based products in any part of their manufacturing, packaging and processing.


This is our commitment to maintaining
a "free from" formulation.

Cuderm Alcohol Free Skin Care is Halal Certified Synergy Biologics

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Cuderm - Alcohol Free Skin Care Range by the makers of Pro D3, Synergy Biologics has been certified as ISO 9001:2008

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