Synergy Biologics




Mission Statement


To work with the latest scientific evidence to design, develop and produce innovative
sustainable healthcare solutions that will make a real difference to people's lives.


Our Values


  • Striving for excellence in everything

  • Coverting creative ideas into effective healthcare solutions

  • Producing products to the very highest standards

  • Delivering health solutions that are suitable for all

  • Respecting the environment and the world around us

  • Fostering the very best relationships with our employees, partners and customers


Our Commitment


Cuderm® products are:


  • Carefully formulated and produced in the EU

  • Suitable for adults, children and for babies (3 months plus) 

  • Cruelty free

  • Formulated without alcohol and parabens on a dedicated production line

  • Made with high quality ingredients

  • Produced in accordance with ISO 22000 or beyond standards


Our Standards


  • To work with responsibly sourced, premium quality materials

  • To use environmentally friendly products and use recycable materials in our products and packaging wherever possible

  • To be GM free - only using ingredients from conventional or organic crops

  • To produce products that do not use any animal derived ingredients and are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and are Halal certified

  • Synergy Biologics is a cruelty-free company and does not engage in or support any form of animal testing.

  • All sites and procedures comply with ISO 22000 Standards and BRC Global Standards

Synergy Biologics Cuderm
Cuderm Certified Halal Synergy Biologics
Cuderm made with Purified Water

Not Tested on Animals

Suitable for Vegetarians

Halal Certified

Suitable for Vegans

Cuderm - Alcohol Free Skin Care products are Not Tested on Animals
All Cuderm products have been approved as Vegetarian by The Vegetarian Society
Cuderm ISO Synergy Biologics Certification

ISO 9001 - Quality Management name and logo are registered trademarks of the International Organisation for Standardisation. ISO develop and publish International Standards that ensure products are safe, reliable and of good quality. 
ISO 9001 - Quality Management and are used by
Synergy Biologics with permission of the International Organisation for Standardisation.


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