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Cuderm Skincare for Beauty Healthcare

  • What is so special about Cuderm?
    Cuderm is an alcohol and paraben free daily moisturising skincare range. Cuderm's innovative, lightweight, hypoallergenic formulation is clinically proven to help hydrate, soothe and protect all skin types but is particularly suitable for dry / sensitive skin. A key ingredient in Cuderm is finely milled colloidal oatmeal which helps to establish a natural barrier to support and regulate skin pH as well as protecting the skin against everyday irritants. An exciting, innovative difference between Cuderm and other moisturising products is that with daily-use the finely milled oatmeal provides a natural, gentle exfoliation which removes dead skin cells to help maintain brighter, healther skin.
  • Who can use Cuderm?
    Cuderm products are developed for everyday use, for everyone of all ages and should be used as part of your daily moisturising routine. Cuderm is also suitable for those who suffer from dry skin, itchy skin and sensitive skin.
  • Are Cuderm products suitable for use on babies?
    The Cuderm range of Creams and Lotions have been specially developed to be gentle for all skin types and are suitable for babies from 3 months plus. Parents can be confident and secure that Cuderm is ideal for young skin.
  • What are the causes of dry skin?
    When the skin is dehydrated, the water content of the very top layer of skin is reduced, causing the skin cells to shrink. This creates many symptoms of dry skin, including itching, scaling, loss of elasticity and tightness. Scratching further damages the skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection. Some causes of dry skin include: Overheated rooms Low humidity Cold winter air Excessive sun Too much soap and water, which washes away natural oils Cleansing in hot water
  • Does my diet affect my skin?
    Oh yes! Diet has a real effect on how our skin 'behaves'. Fatty foods, alcohol, lack of sleep and lack of water all effect how your skin feels. Also, the body takes longer to digest fatty foods and this is evident in the skin. The skin becomes dull, pores become open, the sebaceous gland is irritated and in general your skin is overworking to cope. Applying Cuderm products regularly will help to rehydrate your skin.
  • What is colloidal oatmeal?
    'Colloid' means microscopically small particles - here these particles are finely ground oatmeal suspended in lotion (or cream). Because the oatmeal is ground so finely, it is easily absorbed by the skin. Colloidal oatmeal is clinincally proven to help relieve the effects of dry and sensitive skin. Please read our Colloidal Oatmeal page for more information.
  • Why is colloidal oatmeal beneficial for the skin?
    Colloidal oatmeal contains avenacins compounds, which have antifungal properties; saponins, which can help in cleansing; and Vitamin E, which is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. What makes it effective at soothing the skin is the cellulose and fibre from the oats.
  • How much cream should I use?
    Cuderm is very gentle on the skin and is easily absorbed, due to the colloidal oatmeal. Depending upon how dry your skin is feeling you can use little and often or more generously. There is no specific rule - expect that dry skin needs to be kept well moisturised to avoid flaking and cracking. If you have been prescribed Cuderm by a GP you should have been given guidance on how much to use.
  • How often can I / should I apply Cuderm?
    Because of it's gentle ingredients there is no rule about how often you can use any of the range. Use whenever you need to top up on moisturisation.
  • Why are alcohol-based ingredients bad for your skin?
    Alcohol can dehydrate and sensitise your skin which is bad news if you suffer from dry and sensitive skin. Cuderm products have been developed to avoid frequently reported and well-recognised allergens.
  • Are Cuderm products; Cruelty free? Tested on animals? Vegan?
    Synergy Biologics is a cruelty-free company and does not engage in any form of animal testing. Cuderm products do not use any animal derived ingredients, and are certified as Vegan / Vegetarian by The Vegetarian Society. Cuderm is not made using and does not contain, animal derived ingredients.
  • What makes Cuderm Halal?
    Halal refers to foods or non-food items such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals permitted by and prepared according to Islamic law. This means that there should be no presence during production and after with the finished product of, alcohol, blood or pork, including by-products. Cuderm products are certified Halal by an internationally recognised Halal certification organisation following a full audit of ingredients, manufacturing and processiong, packaging and distribution. Cuderm products Halal credentials are regularly monitored by an internationally recognised Halal certification organisation. Please contact us for further information.
  • Where can I buy Cuderm?
    Other than right here in our Online Store, you can also buy Cuderm from Amazon! Cuderm products are available at your local pharmacy including Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy. Please ask at the pharmacy counter. Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy may have to order Cuderm for collection the same or next day.
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