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Alcohol can dehydrate and sensitise your skin, which is bad news if you suffer from dry and sensitive skin.

The European Commission's Health and Safety Committee (2012), reported the following ingredients as being amongst the most frequently reported and well-recognised consumer allergens:

  • Amycinnamyl alcohol

  • Anisyl alcohol

  • Benzyl alcohol

  • Cinnamyl alcohol

Cuderm is different.

Cuderm products have been developed to avoid commonly recognised allergens.

In addition, Cuderm products do not use alcohol based ingredients or products in any of their manufacturing, packaging and processing.

This is our commitment to maintaining our "Free From" formulation.

Cuderm products have also been certified as Halal after a thorough audit of manufacturing site and processes to ensure the absence of alcohol.

Cuderm - Alcohol Free Vegan Certified Oat based skincare suitable for babies and children
Cuderm - Alcohol Free Skin Care Creams and Lotions

Moisturisers containing alcohol can be stripping for the skin.

When used in high concentrations, alcohol can interfere with your skin's protective natural barrier. The skin's natural barrier is a very thin and slight acidic layer that is essential for keeping skin balanced and healthy.


Cuderm products are alcohol free and are clinically proven to last 24 hours with a single application, but won't strip your skin of its natural, healthy oils.

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