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DRY skin

Many people suffer from naturally dry skin while others suffer from dry skin due to triggers around their environment.

Dry skin can be the result of a dry environment, cold temperatures, sunbathing, lack of water intake as well as allergies to cosmetic products (many containing alcohol based ingredients).

Dry skin affects most people at some point during their life with the elderly being more prone to dry skin than younger people. Typically, dry skin may feel tight, itchy, may look red and inflamed and may become sore and sensitive.

Cuderm Skincare for Beauty Healthcare

Cuderm Skincare Tips for Dry Skin


  • Apply Cuderm Lotion all over your body, morning and night and after bathing.

  • Moisturise your face and areas of dry skin, morning and night using Cuderm Cream.

  • Cuderm Hand Cream provides intense hydration and a protective barrier for hard working hands.

  • Bathe with soap-free Cuderm Gel Wash instead of soap or detergent based products to avoid dehydrating and sensitising your skin.

Select your Cuderm skin type

Normal Skin - Cuderm is suitable for everyday use on normal skin


Dry Skin - Cuderm is suitable for everyday use on dry skin


Sensitive Skin - Cuderm is suitable for everyday use on sensitive skin


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