If you are blessed with healthy skin, you will want to keep it that way.


Environmental factors, hormones, alcohol, diet and stress can all have an impact on the condition of your skin and may lead to skin problems.


The Cuderm® alcohol free skin care range has been developed to provide a gentle, non-greasy skin care solution that can help to maintain your skin, preventing your skin from becoming dry and sensitive. 

Here are some Cuderm® tips for maintaining healthy skin


Cuderm® Cream is an ideal daily facial moisturiser that prevents dryness while maintaining and protecting your skins natural barrier.  


Cuderm® Hand Cream is a non-greasy easily absorbed nourishing cream, that provides intense hydration and a protective barrier for hard working hands.


Bathing with soap-free Cuderm® Gel Wash instead of soap or detergent based products will avoid dehydrating and sensitising your skin.


Apply Cuderm® Lotion all over your body, morning and night and after bathing to prevent your skin from becoming dry and sensitive.

Select your Cuderm® skin type

Cuderm Alcohol Free Skin Care range is suitable for Normal Skin



Cuderm Alcohol Free Skin Care range is suitable for Dry Skin



Cuderm Alcohol Free Skin Care range is suitable for Sensitive Skin
Cuderm Alcohol Free Skin Care is Halal Certified Synergy Biologics

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Cuderm - Alcohol Free Skin Care Range by the makers of Pro D3, Synergy Biologics has been certified as ISO 9001:2008

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