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If you suffer from sensitive skin, then you are probably constantly worried about how easily your skin can become irritated and inflamed.

Sensitive skin means that you probably suffer from one or more irritants. Heat, diet and humidity levels may also trigger a reaction for sensitive skin conditions.

People who suffer from sensitive skin are commonly prone to:

  • Red / Blemished skin

  • Rough or scaly patches of skin

  • Itchy skin


Although scratching can give your skin some relief, it can sometimes lead to further breakdown of the skin's natural barrier, further irritation and possible skin damage.


Sensitive skin suffered need carefully selected skincare products which avoid ingredients that may aggravate already sensitive skin and should particularly avoid products containing; paragons, fragrances and other known allergens (such as alcohol based ingredients).

Cuderm is suitable for Sensitive Skin from babies to the elderly
Cuderm Skincare Tips for Sensitive Skin


  • Moisturise problem areas of your skin frequently throughout the day using Cuderm Cream or Cuderm Hand Cream, soothing it into the skin in a downward motion.

  • Bathe with soap-free Cuderm Gel Wash instead of soap or detergent based products.

  • Immediately apply Cuderm Lotion all over your body, morning and night and after bathing.

  • Continue using moisturisers alongside any other topical treatment that are recommended by a healthcare professional or dermatologist.

  • Avoid anything you think may cause itching such as dust, grass, weeds, wool clothing, detergent, fabric softeners, perfumes, etc.


You should consult a healthcare professional about treatment if the condition is severe.

Select your Cuderm skin type

Normal Skin - Cuderm is suitable for everyday use on normal skin


Dry Skin - Cuderm is suitable for everyday use on dry skin


Sensitive Skin - Cuderm is suitable for everyday use on sensitive skin


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